September 24, 2009

All about U.S. soccer stadiums

Think Seattle is killing it in attendance this season?

Next season could be better, as one report says the club might open up the north-end bleachers (often referred to as the Hawk's Nest, where that Xbox banner is) for games next year.

That would add 2,200 seats to the capacity, making it 34,600.

Makes sense, heck the waiting list for season tickets is about 6,000.

Also in other notes, PGE Park's capacity in Portland is looking like it'll be 17K with the potential to hold 22K if the demand is there. Finally, there is some speculation that the new Dallas Cowboys stadium could get the World Cup final, should the U.S. be awarded the tournament.

Though I think a new soccer-specific stadium (New York...?), is the more likely option.

1 comment:

The Fan's Attic said...

no way...any World Cup final would be played in an american football stadium with a huge capacity...$$$$ and grandiosity being the most important factors.

so, Rose Bowl, Cowboy Stadium...something like that.