September 23, 2009

Murder rate LINKS

Don't worry, it's going down.

And South Africa is happy to report it leading into the World Cup. Though robberies are up and that pushed the overall crime up.

Only slightly more than 18K were murdered last year. But I think when it comes to that stuff, no news is good news.

To the links:
  • A little Carling Cup roundup. [SkySports]
  • Ronaldinho expectedly quashes retirement rumors. [DailyMail]
  • USMNT Hall of Fame closing to public. [ESPN]
  • Advocaat talking up some Belgium expectations. [Reuters]
  • MLS reserve league is missed, says Canales. [SI]
  • Serbian teams to played in empty stadiums. [Yahoo!]
  • Chivas dude suspended for kicking Montero's face. [Times]
  • Tevez says Manchester abuse was hard to take. []
  • Free beer all over the place for Bayern Munich fans. [DT]
  • Top 25 footie websites, well deserved to all of 'em. [Telegraph]
  • Sol Campbell quits after one day at Notts County. [Guardian]

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