September 15, 2009

Robot soccer LINKS

This picture makes me smile.

That is all.

Now the links:
  • Eduardo's dive ban lifted. [SkySports]
  • No TV for the Honduras qualifier? [Goff]
  • BMO might get some grass. [TOW]
  • The Premiership has a new home-grown rule. [Daily Mail]
  • Fernando Torres has a new book. [Dirty Tackle]
  • No more 'Carlsberg' for the Reds. [BBC]
  • A German 'keeper has a mysterious illness. [Yahoo!]
  • Top underpaid MLS players. [Soccer365]
  • Another surgery for Jermaine Jones? []
  • Third coach quits Chivas this season. [SI]
  • Costa Rica fires its coach. [Ives]
  • Portland scum wins USL-1. [ESPN]
  • Gabriel Ferrari? Oh my... [TOR]

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