October 1, 2009

Argentina teammate wants to break Messi's legs?

Craziness continues down in Maradona-Land.

Rumor is someone on the national team wants to break Leo Messi's legs, this according to some lawyer Marcelo Open.
Open said that “if we have a headcase threatening Messi and tells him he’ll break his legs, and it’s a colleague who’s in the squad, there’s something wrong.”
Yeah, something is wrong all right. We might not get to see the Albiceleste in the World Cup with all this turmoil.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on with this team?? Here's a team that I would have thought would win the next World Cup, and they have this much drama and may not be able to QUALIFY?!? This says more about the leadership of the team than anything else.

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