October 16, 2009

Argentina's in, still crazy

For some reason I thought news out of the South American country would cool down a little since the national team qualified.

It's still crazy.

This story quotes Maradona, Argentine Football Association head Julio Grondona, Juan Sebastian Veron and a country's newspaper.

Questions and issues are still abound...

Will Maradona stay on as coach through the finals? Will he resign? Will he be forced out?

And if he's not enough, there's still the Messi question. Like is the Barcelona stay ever going to produce for his country.

Dani Alves says it's an unfair comparison, but I don't.

And if Argentina is the seeded team the USMNT gets grouped with, I won't be upset.

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Total Sports Madness said...

nice to see a big soccer nation getting what they deseve....but it was hilarious what Maradona did after the win and qalifying