October 5, 2009

Bad hair day LINKS

Looks like this guy is doing his best Dr. Emmett Brown impersonation.

You know, the wacky scientist in Back to the Future.

Ahhhh, now you're seeing it.

To the links:
  • Rangers win the Old Firm bout 2-1. [Telegraph]
  • Garber backs Kroenke to buy Arsenal. [AP]
  • S. Africa tribe offers training grounds. [Yahoo!]
  • Adu made league debut for new team. [Goal.com]
  • MLS player of the month: Jeff Cunningham. [SBI]
  • Roy Keane is angry at reporters. [BBC]
  • Here's a name-changing idiot. [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Fergie questions the ref's fitness level. [TOW]
  • FA fine 'excessive' says Adebayor. [ESPN]
  • Portsmouth sale is gonna happen. [SI]
  • Redknapp was/wasn't leaving Spurs? [The Spoiler]
  • 2m pounds compensation to Keegan. [Off the Post]

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