October 8, 2009

Crew coach responds to Divotgate

This simple little story is blowing up!

From one team blog, to a couple soccer blogs, to a couple bigger sites, and now Columbus Crew coach Robert Warzycha addressed Tyrone Marshall allegedly stamping on the penalty-kick mark at a press conference.
“It’s just ridiculous," an agitated Warzycha said today. "It’s a crime of soccer. Something like this, it’s cheating. To dig a hole and destroy the penalty spot, it’s something I don’t have words to describe.

"How unprofessional can a player be? It’s beyond imagination. I told my players today that I never want to see you guys do something like this. There are some rules in soccer you do not cross.”
I love it. And if soccer was bigger in this country, it'd be national news on ESPN.

Can you imagine Wayne Rooney tearing up the spot before a Frank Lampard kick?

It'd be huge!

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