October 6, 2009

Has Fergie gone too far?

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is probably the most untouchable coach in the world.

Any sport.

No matter what he does, Fergie will get off with a slap on the wrist.

The FA is investigating his most recent comments about how some ref wasn't healthy enough to officiate. Though I have a feeling nothing will come of it.


Like a this Guardian story suggests, the refs stick up for their own and start giving United the dirty business.


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Anonymous said...

Fergie has to give a little contra. The fans of many other clubs, ring-led by Rafa Benitez and his bickering never stop campaigning for refs to be more strickt when dealing with Utd. than with other teams. If other clubs would stop antagonising the issue, there would be no need for Fergie to lead a defensive campaign, highlighting the many instances where Utd are not fairly officiated over. I remember the furore caused by Utd being awarded a penalty against Spurs last year from which they levelled at 2-2 and went on to win 5-2. The accusations levelled at Utd in the wake of that were laughable. It was as though everybody forgot about Utd. being dumped out of the FA Cup semi a few days earlier against Everton where the ref refused to award a penalty for what was a blatant foul by Jagleika. If people were to just accept that bad decisions roughly level themselves out over the course of a season, and stop jumping on Utd.'s back simply because they cant find a way to emulate Utd.'s success, it is my opinion that we would see a much quieter Ferguson in post match interviews.