October 2, 2009

Inappropriate LINKS

Apparently some pranksters with a line-marking machine vandalized a soccer field. Here's a quote in reaction.

“To be shafted like this is a bitter pill to swallow, it’s a balls up which may leave our next fixture in doubt.”

Too funny.

Now the links:
  • Europa League roundup. [ESPN]
  • American's bid to buy Bari collapses. [EarthTimes]
  • Bolivian national team boycotting still. [SoccerAmerica]
  • German police advising South Africa for W.C. [Yahoo!]
  • French collusion over TV rights (confusing). [SI]
  • Kahn's dad ran for club president. Lost. [Canadian Press]
  • CSKA Sofia fan in trouble for knife wielding. [Goal.com]
  • Six great back-heel goals. Good stuff here. [The Spoiler]
  • Best almost-goals of all time. This too. [The Offside]
  • Snappy quotes and chants o' the week. [SSN]
  • USA-Honduras has television issues. [Goal! NY Times]
  • Serbia is gonna ban some fan groups. [AP]

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