October 8, 2009

International soccer deficiencies

W.C. qualifier has 134 tickets sold

I probably don't know the whole story, but it doesn't make it any less remarkable. Only 134 tickets have been sold in Columbia for an upcoming World Cup qualifier against Chile.

It's a big game! Chile is right in the mix for a berth and Colombia is just two points out!

The Colombia FA expected a sellout of 40,661. What gives?

Not enough Ukrainian hotels for Euro '12

Details. Details. Details. Apparently four cities in the country have been red-flagged by UEFA for having a shortage of hotels.

Open up the schools, the businesses, the homes of the people!

Oh wait, there's more. There are also transportation issues and the delay of construction at the airport won't help.

Pick it up Ukraine. Poland, your co-host, already got a seal of approval.

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