October 13, 2009

Overprivileged soccer characters

If it's not Barcelona star Xavi claiming he decides when he plays or doesn't, it's Napoli midfielder Marek Hamsik (the crazy looking guy above) saying he can drive whatever speed he wants and not get a ticket.
"In Naples I can drive over 140 km/hour, but the police will not punish me because they all recognise me," he was quoted as saying by the newspaper Pravda.
The police, of course, are denying it. But it can't be a complete lie.

The fact is, soccer personalities can get away with just about anything.

Which naturally leads us to Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson. Even after his team wins this guys runs his mouth far beyond the speed limit. He can say whatever he wants, then the FA threatens a charge, then it's time for the next game.

Certainly Fergie has earned a little leeway, but hasn't it gone too far?

Now after his first apology for calling a ref unfit to run 90 minutes -- which wasn't deemed a good enough "I'm sorry" by the officials chief -- he's going to say another insincere apology.

It's ridiculous to me.

But why do it if you're not going to be punished, right...?

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