October 15, 2009

VIDEO: International gaffs

1. The Uruguayan arm tackle

2. The French dive and dance


Army of Dad said...
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Army of Dad said...

Painful miss by the center in the second clip...he will feel bad about that when he sees the replay!

Oh how I wish FIFA would take a real stand and ban the diver for the playoffs.

laurie said...

About the France dive: Rod Fanni is the second string rightback for France, and he was playing only because the game didn't matter.

Second, most people watching the game ended up thinking this was too bizarre to be a dive. The pitch was in horrible shape -- people were slipping and falling all over the place. We're thinking his cleats got stuck in the turf and he just fell on his butt. The real person who should be sanctioned is the referee for awarding the penalty.