October 12, 2009

W.C. qualifying roundup

First off, welcome to the party!

1) Germany, 2) Italy, 3) Mexico, 4) Ivory Coast, 5) Denmark, 6) Serbia, 7) Chile, 8) USA.

Each booked their trips to South Africa. And it's nice to see a mix of traditional powers with fresh faces.

In case you're curious, and some of you are, the other qualified teams are the hosts, Australia, Japan, both Koreas, the Netherlands, Brazil, Ghana, England, Spain and Paraguay.

Not much qualifying left. The draw is in December, if I remember correctly.

Some selected news and notes:
  • An estimated viewership of 500,000 English fans logged on to see their team lose for the first time in qualifying. There was also a huge flare display.
  • Argentina beat Peru 2-1 on a last-gasp winner. The losers blamed the ref.
  • There was a bee invasion in Mexico, but the hosts rolled El Salvador 4-1.
  • Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo each got hurt.
  • Turkey's coach quit after a loss to Belgium ensured his team wouldn't be qualifying.
  • Bosnians were content to celebrate a clinched UEFA playoff berth. Spain won their group.
Hold tight, I'm gonna find some video from the weekend.

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