October 15, 2009

W.C. qualifying roundup

Congratulations to Switzerland, Slovakia, Honduras and, drum roll please, Argentina on clinching World Cup berths Wednesday!

So that's 23 of 32 teams down.

And, of course, it means Maradona is vindicated. It didn't take him long to slam his country's journalists and even name a couple guys (not Messi) to the final World Cup roster.

Congratulations to Slovakia (right) for earning its first berth to the big dance.

Playoffs and final berths will be one in November. Costa Rica and Uruguay face off in the CONCACAF/CONMEBOL playoff. The UEFA playoff teams are Portugal (seeded), Greece (seeded), France (seeded), Russia (seeded), Slovenia, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Ireland.

Three other bids come from Africa between: Cameroon/Gabon, Tunisia/Nigeria and Algeria/Egypt. Lastly, the New Zealand/Bahrain playoff winner.

Can't wait!

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