November 2, 2009

The burning of the Scottish sheep fan

Another headline that's surely never been written in the history of the English language.

This story takes us to Scotland, where it turns out a bunch of Aberdeen fans were dressed as sheep as they rode the train to an upcoming soccer match against Hibs in Edinburgh.

One unfortunate 24-year-old dude was apparently set alight and ran through the cars with his sheep-suit engulfed in flames. Sadly, he didn't get the best of help from his fellow riders.
Aberdeen fans said the man ran ablaze through the carriage as others threw beer on him to douse the flames.
Alcohol on fire? Not the smartest of moves in hindsight. The poor guy suffered some serious burns but is in stable condition.

Word is a 23 year old was arrested in connection to the incident.

So bizarre.


Bo Diddly said...

That's really too baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Anonymous said...

Beer doesn't have enough alcohol content to be flammable. It was actually a good idea.

onlyassholeswastebeer said...

"It was actually a good idea."

wasting beer is never a good idea... asshole.