November 3, 2009

Congrats to Wayne Rooney

The United forward became a father yesterday when wife, Coleen, gave birth to Kai Wayne Rooney.

Bookies are already setting the line at which EPL team he'll play for. Others are quick to make Baby Shrek jokes.

The Daily Mail had this factbox on the name "Kai":
* The Rooneys' intriguing choice of name for their son - Kai - was the 68th most popular baby name in Britain last year.

* Its various meanings around the world are:
-- Maori: 'food; eat'
-- Chinese: 'unceasing (like silk)'
-- Mandarin: 'victory; triumphant'
-- Scandinavian: 'keeper of the keys; earth'
-- Burmese: 'strong; unbreakable'
-- Japanese: 'change; mediation'
-- Finnish: 'rejoice'
-- Navajo: 'willow tree'
-- Estonian: a female name meaning 'pier'
-- Germanic languages: 'quay; safe harbour'
-- Yoruba, a Nigerian language: 'love'

* - The most famous Kai to date is Donald Trump's granddaughter, Kai Madison.

* Kai is also a character in one of Wayne's favourite computer games Mortal Kombat.
Much ado about a newborn. I think Red Devils fans should be more concerned about who is gonna take the field Wednesday in Champions League action against CSKA Moscow.

The team is ravaged by injured (Vidic, Rio) and now the new father is out of service too.

And a big-time EPL matchup with Chelsea isn't too far away either...

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