November 2, 2009

EPL roundup (coaches on the hot seat)

I haven't been paying much attention to the Premiership action these last couple weeks, but one glance at the table shows my pick Chelsea still leading the way.

Liverpool has a gastly 6-5-0 record, so I can only imagine that Reds fans and the English press are putting the pressure on Rafa Benitez (above).

Hull City dropped into the red and has the worst goal-differential in the league, I wouldn't want to be Phil Brown right now either.

Arsenal continues to put on a remarkable offensive display and Portsmouth got a shockingly dominant win from the relegation zone.

Let's see some scores:
    Birmingham 0-0 Manchester City (A: 21,462)

    Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham (A: 60,103)
    Bolton 0-4 Chelsea (A: 22,680)
    Burnley 2-0 Hull City (A: 20,219)
    Everton 1-1 Aston Villa (A: 36, 648)
    Fulham 3-1 Liverpool (A: 25,700)
    Portsmouth 4-0 Wigan (A: 18, 212)
    Stoke City 2-2 Wolverhampton (A: 27,500)
    Sunderland 2-2 West Ham (A: 39,033)
    Manchester Utd 2-0 Blackburn (A: 74,658)

1 comment:

StreetGirl said...

Rafa has ridden his luck for a number of years. Could this be the time it finally runs out? Looks like he won't even have Europe to bail him out.