November 3, 2009

Holy Hello Kitty jacket and LINKS

Kickette had this masterpiece last week and I just recently came across its glory. Word is this gal is an ex-WAG, so it's still semi-soccer relevant.

She must be desperate for attention.

Now some other links:
  • Mancini a possible Rafa replacement? [Daily Mail]
  • A new world's top 25. [Soccer Source]
  • USA to face Italy in U-17 World Cup. [SBI]
  • Tevez buys infamous poster. [FourFourTwo]
  • Help pick The Offside 100. [The Offside]
  • Theo is super nice to his WAG. [Pies]
  • Bulgarian soccer is crazy. [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Recent injury victim: Artur Boric. [Guardian]
  • Bayern Munich and Audi to partner. [ESPN]
  • French dude in trouble for gay slur. [SI]
  • Cruyff to coach a Catalonian team. [NY Times]
  • Riot police summoned in Lisbon. [Can. Press]
  • FIFA player of year has a short list. [Yahoo!]
  • CSKA Sofia ban players for partying. [USA Today]

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