November 20, 2009

In a boot LINKS

How hurt is David Beckham? TMZ got the shot of his right foot in a boot.

This league relies on him so much for exposure and interest that one has to wonder, how injured is the guy really?

We may never know.

Here are some links:
  • German police reveal match-fixing. [Yahoo!]
  • FIFA charges Egypt over bus attack. [USA Today]
  • Fighting teammates kicked off team. [ESPN]
  • UAE club forward dies at practice. [BBC]
  • Don Garber does a Q&A with Wahl. [SI]
  • And another with some fans. [The Seattle Times]
  • Expansion protection deadline nears. [SBI]
  • Bellamy not far from retirement? [Guardian]
  • Ben Olsen in the same boat? [Goff]
  • Want to see another mock W.C. draw? [UF]
  • AWOL Ghana boys in trouble. []
  • Slovenian PM stuck shining shoes? [Reuters]

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