November 17, 2009

Kanu to retire LINKS

After the World Cup he says he's done.
"I cannot play when I am 50."
I thought he would. Though he's only 33, and I've been under the impression that he's been in his 40s for a while now.

Oh well, to the links:
  • Scotland fires head coach. [FourFourTwo]
  • Neville wants an elite pool of refs. [Daily Mail]
  • 31-year-old Mexican int'l dies of heart attack. [AP]
  • Kaka endorses Beckham for W.C. spot. [The Sun]
  • Atletico coach has swine flu? []
  • Messi tipped to win world POY by competitor. [TribalFootball]
  • Guess which expensive Real star is practicing again... [ESPN]
  • Iraq disbands its football federation board. [SI]
  • Wynalda regrets MLS move among other things. [Yanks-Abroad]
  • Montpellier prez. banned for gay slur. [USA Today]
  • Dude, bad timing for this, Domenech. [The Spoiler]
  • Pied 10 awards: GKs. [Who Ate All the Pies?]
  • Ives own version of the MLS best XI. [SBI]
  • NCAA mens bracket released. []
  • Rafa would quit if Reds sold Torres. [Guardian]
  • French captain and Hitler? [Sanford's Soccer Net]
  • Garber's state of the league address. [Goff]
  • Best free-kick taker of the decade. [FootyFactor]
  • Twellman's crazy cab ride. [Dirty Tackle]

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