November 12, 2009

Milan offers fans a discount?

AC Milan thinks it's being nice by offering tickets at a discount rate to win back disgruntled fans.

I hate it when stories try to portray teams are being nice in these circumstances.

The team is just trying to make as much money as possible. With less demand, you have to lower the price.

It's just good business-sense. It's pure economics, they're not trying to be nice at all.
[AC Milan chief executive Adriano] Galliani told Gazzetta dello Sport: ''I'm very sorry to have lost around 16,000 regular fans in the last year. I want to write to them, those who are disappointed, and we will announce a special rate for their first game back.

''I want to write not just (to earn) a few million dollars more, but because we had only 40,000 spectators at the San Siro for Milan versus Roma.''
It's all about the money. It always is.

So Milan fans, don't be fooled. Your team doesn't love you, it just wants your money, like it always has.

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