November 13, 2009

MLS Conference finals predictions

WEST -- L.A. Galaxy v. Houston Dynamo

This is a quality matchup -- one better than the MLS Cup will be, sadly. These are the two best teams left in the field and I think both legs of this pairing will show it. I expect this to be a showcase of how good the league can be.

Needless to say there's a lot riding on this one, for me at least. I'm gonna side with the big-game players in this one. In the most competitive games the stars shine and I think Landon Donovan is going to take over. Can't wait.

L.A. wins 2-1.

EAST -- Chicago Fire v. Real Salt Lake

Not sure anyone will be picking RSL in this one, and I'm no different. I didn't think Jason Kreis' team should be in the hunt for the league title with a losing record and I certainly won't be picking them at any point along the way.

Chicago proved over the season that it's a superior team and will take care of business at home. I think it's better for the league to have the Fire in the final also, so maybe the fix will be in.

Chicago wins 2-0.


Blim said...

Aren't the conference finals just one game? Not a home and home?

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'd agree with blim,
not to question your logic but yeah, one game, higher seed hosts.

So LA and CHI host.

The Beautiful Game said...

you guys are totally right

some expert i am, huh?