November 20, 2009

My World Cup draw

Who can wait a month? I had to speculate the pots and make my own groups:
GROUP A -- South Africa, Greece, North Korea, Paraguay
GROUP B -- Brazil, Slovenia, Honduras, Nigeria
GROUP C -- Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Uruguay
GROUP D -- Spain, Slovakia, USA, Ghana
GROUP E -- Argentina, Netherlands, Mexico, Cameroon
GROUP F -- Italy, Serbia, South Korea, Chile
GROUP G -- France, Portugal, Australia, Algeria
GROUP H -- England, Switzerland, Japan, Ivory Coast
How about that Group E, eh? It might be fun to watch Mexico try to survive that one.

Putting Brazil, Germany and Spain on the same side could make the knockout round very interesting.

Ivory Coast would be well set-up for a deep run.

The USMNT wouldn't, but who's expecting one anyway?


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