November 30, 2009

Recovering LINKS

Word is Charlie Davies recovery has been 'fantastic' so far. Or so an SBI blog post would have me believe.

That's great news for the kid.

I'm hoping Robbie Findley can develop to fill in that role in which Davies was beginning to excel.

To the links:
  • Zlatan makes an El Clasico splash. [CCTV]
  • Philly Union takes 10 in the expansion draft. []
  • Sounders FC lose fan-favorite Seba Le Toux. [Seattle Times]
  • New American league called NASL. [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Jack Warner/Brazilian prez back English W.C. big. [SkySports]
  • Chile almost lost its W.C. bid, but didn't. [Goal! NY Times]
  • Chicago fired Denis Hamlett a while back. [WV Hooligan]
  • Centenary World Cup in Uruguay/Argentina? [ESPN]
  • Ben Olsen retired. Not much of a surprise. [Goff]
  • 85 hooligans arrested in Germany. Yikes. [SI]
  • Bent makes racism claim over Twitter. [Guardian]
  • Inter Milan fan falls, now in a coma. [IM Scouting]
  • One man's opinion of the world's top 25. [Soccer Source]
  • Handball forced TH14 to consider quitting. [Reuters]
  • World Cup absentees best XI. [Footy Factor]
  • Iniesta is awesome, minus the dive. [Dirty Tackle]
  • Goalie booked for saving a cat. WTF. [Off the Post]

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