November 20, 2009

Still the talk of the town

Thierry Henry's legacy will never be the same. Like when Brett Favre started his rope-a-dope with retirement.

Both will forever be honored greats, but each will have a little negativity added to their reputations.

There were all sorts of stories on the wire yesterday regarding Le Hand.

Ireland's FA is requesting a replay (too little, too late), Robbie Keane is blasting people left and right (go down swinging guy), the losers are even getting sympathy from the French (wild), politicians are weighing in (to get votes), the video-replay debate is now in full force (do it) and, finally, one story suggest soccer plays can never be trusted (probably true).

Still can't believe the goal stood.

Fabio Cannavaro can't believe TH14 celebrated the goal, knowing he cheated.

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