November 10, 2009

VIDEO: The goal we should all be talking about

Cameron Jerome's wonder goal in the 45th minute should be the talk of the soccer world today.

A goal that should've been an unlikely winner for Birmingham at Anfield.

Instead Liverpool benefits from cheating and gets an undeserved draw at home.

Surely that axe is inches above Rafa's neck now...

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FC Tigerhawks said...

Leaving aside Ngog's terrible diving technique [obviously Liverpool don't spend as much time working on this part of the game as the other big clubs ;) ] and the referee's wrong decision:

I don't think anyone who watched the game would say that Liverpool didn't "deserve" a draw at least. Birmingham barely got out of their own half the entire match. Stats from the BBC:

* Liverpool 67%
* Birmingham 33%

Shots on target
* Liverpool 14
* Birmingham 2

Shots off target
* Liverpool 13
* Birmingham 3

* Liverpool 11
* Birmingham 1

Obviously stats aren't everything, but they do support my point. True Liverpool didn't convert their chances, but Birmingham didn't deserve 3 points out of that match.

One final stat:
Number of times the media have claimed that Rafa's about to get sacked = 57 million (approx).
Number of times that Rafa has been sacked = 0