December 4, 2009

Budding rivalry LINKS

Arsene Wenger and Mark Hughes are no longer friends.

If you remember, perhaps the most hotly contested game of the EPL season was City v. Arsenal -- when Emmanuel Adebayor was stomping on people.

A new budding rivalry... maybe...?

To the links:
  • Spotlight leads to S. African inflation. [Yahoo!]
  • Mayor Bloomberg joins U.S. bid group. [NBC N.Y.]
  • Homeless in host nation harassed? [Boston Globe]
  • 300 Spanish players fixing matches? [SI]
  • Beckham admits to asthma deal. [Telegraph]
  • He still helps pitch for England's W.C. bid. [Guardian]
  • Thursday's Europa League roundup. [ESPN]
  • Shevchenko unhurt in a car crash. []
  • Xerex prez quits after death threats. [Eurosport]
  • Wal-Mart to sell World Cup stuff? [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Saying farewell to Seba Le Toux. [SSE]
  • Ireland deserves 'moral compensation'? [Irish Times]
  • Z. Zidane is NOT visiting the Gaza. [J-Post]
  • Women's W.C. expanding to 24 teams. [Xinhua]
  • Interpol to help fight illegal betting. [Canadian Press]
  • Portsmouth can't/isn't paying its players. [SkySports]

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