December 9, 2009

Kim Jong-il censors the beautiful game

North Korean soccer fans likely won't be able to watch much of the World Cup.

Their evil dictator Kim Jong-il is censoring the broadcast from South Africa. No live games will be shown. Only highlight packages from wins, played hours if not days after the fact.

Any losses in the tournament will be ignored by the state-run media.

And considering the strength of the team's group (Brazil, Portugal, Cote d'Ivoire), there's a good chance that North Korea's highlights will be as plentiful as its nation's civil liberties.

But that's not all:
All advertising in the stadiums will also be blurred out – along with opposition fans, The Sun newspaper reported.
So bizarre.


Anonymous said...

It seems bizarre but it really makes sense. In our world of mass advertising, money and drugs like tv, computer games, football and other sports which all are dictated by some dictators; one could argue that North Korean people are happier than American people.

American people think we have a massive freedom but we are all toys of some money lords and I thinks it is much worse than dictated by a single dictator who limits what his people see and hence make their people feel happy about what they get.

What is not football but a football competition good for you if you will be defeated and feel humiliated. Don't forget that you can play football in North Korea.

not starvin marvin said...

i'd like to eat enough food so I don't die, that makes me happy.

Andrew Price said...

"one could argue that North Korean people are happier than American people"

Yes but you'd loose the argument everytime.