December 3, 2009

My World Cup draw, take two

It was so fun the first time, why not do it again? Especially now that we know the official pots.

Here goes:

GROUP A -- South Africa, South Korea, Ghana, Denmark
GROUP B -- Italy, Japan, Algeria, Serbia
GROUP C -- England, Honduras, Paraguay, Switzerland
GROUP D -- Brazil, Australia, Cameroon, Portugal
GROUP E -- Netherlands, Mexico, Uruguay, France
GROUP F -- Germany, United States, Nigeria, Slovakia
GROUP G -- Spain, New Zealand, Chile, Slovenia
GROUP H -- Argentina, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Greece

Obviously the group involving Mexico and the United States look to be the toughest.

England and Spain get cakewalks.

Bah this is no good! Can't wait til the real thing!


StreetGirl said...

Horror for Australia!
Argentina get Ivory Coast again!
Soft groups for Denmark and Italy!
Again Netherlands get the Group of Death.

Anonymous said...

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