December 2, 2009

New coach LINKS

Chivas USA has their new man, according to SBI's inside sources. And it's Martin Vasquez.

Any dude with a Bayern Munich jacket in his closet -- from employment, not fandome -- is certainly welcome to the league in my mind.

Plus, he's got history with the club. Solid choice.

Now the links:
  • Players betting on games in Spain? [EITB]
  • Cannavaro wants Totti and Nesta to return to nat'l team. [Guardian]
  • Is the thumbsucker dropping hints to comeback? [EarthTimes]
  • L.A. to submit bid to host World Cup. [SI]
  • Bombing in Russia won't harm W.C. bid. [Times of India]
  • Midweek Carling Cup roundup. [AP]
  • Ljungberg breaks down W.C. contenders. [ESPN]
  • Best of the decade roundup. [Yahoo!]
  • Serbian prez to be fined for toast? [USA Today]
  • Balotelli to get W.C. call from Ghana. []
  • Panathinaikos goalie gets air-gun attacked. [SoccerNews]
  • Beckenbauer doesn't like Dunga's brazil. [FourFourTwo]
  • Edmonton to the NASL? [WV Hooligan]
  • The FF matrix for November 2009. [FootyFactor]
  • Cow being sacrificed at World Cup? [The Original Winger]
  • Paying the mob not to kidnap your family. [The Sun]

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