December 9, 2009

Striking LINKS

The Seattle Soccer Examiner addresses this issue, and I think it's certainly time to start talking about it.

Are we nearing a strike in Major League Soccer, as the two sides of the labor negotiations appear to be way off?

That possibility must be addressed.

Now for some links:
  • Wenger defends Arshavin's honor. [ESPN]
  • Rugby killing the Aussies' World Cup bid. [Can. Press]
  • Philly Union still need a shirt sponsor. [MLS Daily]
  • Shared Liverpool stadium OK with Moyes. [LDP]
  • Mexico league title v. bullfight. [USA Today]
  • Dick Advocaat to AZ Alkmaar. [SkySports]
  • China fights match fixing. [Yahoo!]
  • Serbian W.C. hopes helped by Bora M. [GSN]
  • ESPN gets FA Cup television rights. [Daily Mail]
  • Aguirre among highest paid W.C. coaches. [SI]
  • Japan gov't approves W.C. bid. [Japan Today]
  • Ten Cate leaves Panathinaikos. [Guardian]
  • Some stuff on the St. Loius NASL team. [WV Hooligan]
  • Stoke player headbutted by naked Pulis? [Dirty Tackle]
  • Ex-politician attacks kid's coach. [TPM]
  • Quotes/chants of the week. [Sanford's Soccer Net]
  • Landon stops and chats. [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Your W.C. team nicknames. [The Offside]

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