December 7, 2009

World Cup predictions v1.0 (subject to change)

A lot of people are calling this an easy group and think France will be able to advance easily. I'm not so convinced. In fact, I think it'll be one of the most competitive. The hosts will be much harder to beat on their home soil with the vuvuzelas buzzing and Uruguay is far from the worst team in the tournament. Mexico and France each get five points to move on, El Tri with the better goal differential takes the top spot. (A1 -- Mexico, A2 -- France)

After struggling through qualification, Argentina seemingly got the Hand of the God in the draw with a very reasonable group. Nigeria certainly isn't the strongest African side in the field and South Korea doesn't crack the FIFA world's top 50. Maradona's men win the group, but who gets the second? I think the Greeks, who have actually won a big tournament this decade. (B1 -- Argentina, B2 -- Greece)

The English rejoiced when this group was finalized. After taking a deep breath over the weekend, I think Fabio Capello's team will roll to three victories in the group stage to advance. The Three Lions were dominant in qualifying when in mattered and they have a lot invested in this one. As the complete opposite, Algeria will lose all three games. So it comes down to the USMNT and Slovenia. In Landon Donovan we trust? (C1 -- England, C2 -- USA)

This is my Group of Death. My prerequisite for that label requires more than three strong teams -- which only requires one big win. Advancing from this group will be a test and there are no days off. Any two teams can advance. I'm gonna side with the pedigree and tradition of Germany to come on top after some crazy matches. My second pick is Ghana, when in doubt, go African, right? (D1 -- Germany, D2 -- Ghana)

Many thought the Dutch wouldn't be seeded, and last World Cup's runner up (France) would be. Certainly fans of the orange have to enjoy the look of Holland's group all things considering. I think the Netherlands will breeze through the group stage. For the second seed, I'm siding with the best player available between Cameroon, Denmark and Japan: Samuel Eto'o, who will be good for a couple goals. (E1 -- Netherlands, E2 -- Cameroon)

Italy, ah Italy. I think you got the easiest draw of the protected seeds. So, yes, I think the Azzurri are going to win the group. Still too many damn talented over there (shakes fist at Giuseppe Rossi). I actually had the least trouble picking the winners in this group, so that's probably means I'm way off and have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm picking Paraguay, which tied for a CONMEBOL best 10 wins in qualifying, to finish second. (F1 -- Italy, F2 -- Paraguay)

This is the group everyone else is calling the Group of Death. I call it three strong teams and a whipping boy. Working backwards, North Korea will finish last with zero points. I have absolutely no confidence in a Portuguese side that seemed middle-of-the-pack in a qualifying group with Denmark, Sweden and Hungary. In my shocker, I'm picking Cote d'Ivoire to win this one over Brazil, but both easily advancing. (G1 -- Cote d'Ivoire, G2 -- Brazil)

Spain and three other guys? I really like the Spanish side here. They will be a hard out at any stage in the tournament. I think the battle for second between Switzerland, Honduras and Chile could be an competitive, but frankly uninteresting, one. Not sure anyone really cares which one makes it out. Certainly no one expects any of those other teams to make any noise. I'll go with Chile, after some impressive work in qualifying. (H1 -- Spain, H2 -- Chile)

WINNER: Spain over Cote d'Ivoire

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