January 21, 2010

Did anyone else notice?

But the Carling Cup has been pretty damn interesting recently.

Normally the tournament is like on the fourth rung.

1. Premiership
2. UCL/Europa League
3. FA Cup
4. Carling Cup

But with a Manchester derby with Tevez revenge and Neville middle-fingers, tournament officials have to be beaming. What's not to love?

Aston Villa just advanced to the final with an epic 10-goal second-leg against Blackburn. There's nothing ever wrong with a 6-4 game.

Now for the Tevez quotes:
"Gary was very disrespectful, which is out of character, but he didn't know the whole story of why I left Manchester United and I believe I deserved his respect,'' Tevez said.

"Football is a form of theatre and it was just a form of banter. There was nothing malicious intended. I was not trying to incite anyone but I was entitled to say to Neville that he should have been more respectful.

"For the second goal I ran to the touchline and cupped my ears and looked up to the part of the ground where the United directors were sitting, and also to Ferguson in the dugout, because I wanted them to know this was my response to them saying I was not worth the money.

"People from United have been speaking about me publicly and criticising me but I wanted to do my talking on the pitch because that was the best way of responding to all these people, such as Neville, who were saying United were right to let me go.''
So good.

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