January 15, 2010

MLS Draft redux

Like I said pre-draft, I didn't know I thing about any of these guys in college and I don't know anything about them now. But congrats to Danny Mwanga, No. 1 pick.

Ultimately, I'll reserve judgment to the pros, like Ives, who offers his grades here.

I was most interested with the Clint Mathis-to-L.A. move.

Anyways, let's take this time to formally introduce the new Sounders boys: David Estrada (pressure's on kid), Mike Seamon (people say you're the Seba replacement) and Jamel Wallace (got nothing on you).

Welcome! In Sigi we trust.

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Xanthorpe said...

Hmmm, maybe this is insurance 'cause Landon will be taking an extended holiday in Liverpool this Spring...