February 1, 2010

United humbles Arsenal (EPL roundup)

Nothing like a date with the champs to stop the upstart Gunners in their path. Wayne Rooney, shrugged off being sued, to score his 100th Premiership goal in a 3-1 rout of Arsenal over the weekend.

I didn't catch the 3-D broadcast, did any of you?

Arsenal will having a chance for a big win in not too long by taking on Chelsea next Sunday.

In other action, the Blues stayed atop the table on a game-winning goal by the maligned John Terry. Adebayor had a goal in City's 2-0 win over the bottom-feeding Portsmouth. Everton, Liverpool and Aston Villa also picked up wins.

Here are the results:

Manchester City 2-0 Portsmouth (A: 44,015)
Arsenal 1-3 Manchester Utd (A: 60,091)

Birmingham 1-1 Tottenham (A: 27,238)
Fulham 0-2 Aston Villa (A: 25,408)
Hull City 2-2 Wolverhampton (A: 24,957)
Liverpool 2-0 Bolton (A: 43,413)
West Ham Utd 0-0 Blackburn (A: 33,093)
Wigan 0-1 Everton (A: 16,869)
Burnley 1-2 Chelsea (A: 21,131)

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