October 26, 2007

Eric Wynalda is not smart

We all say things we don't mean. Call 'em Freudian slips. Whatever.

But Eric Wynalda (right) comparing flares in the stands of the MLS playoff game last night to the wildfires in California is unforgivable.

The flames consumed 765 square miles, that's three-times the size of Rhode Island. There were 1,000s of evacuees and over $1 billion in damage.

As judge and jury, I say ESPN should ban Wynalda from all remaining first-round playoffs games.

Book it.


Anonymous said...

Easy there, Judge Parker, I think there's only 1 remaining first round playoff game that he would be calling.

PS: Rhode Island has over 1000 square miles of land area. :)

Anonymous said...

He was born and lives in Los Angeles. He went to college at San Diego St.

Who is he offending?