January 7, 2008

VIDEO: Greatest finish to any game ever!!!

You have to watch this. This might be the most entertaining finish to any soccer game I've ever seen.


UPDATE: For those of you who might be confused. The attacking team is taking an indirect kick, not a penalty kick.

An indirect kick is a rare occurrence which doesn't result in a penalty kick when the infraction happens in the penalty box.

Regardless, it's still enjoyable to see 20 some players within a 10-yard radius. Especially for the last play of the game.


Anonymous said...

What? Why were they kicking it from there? Shouldn't that just be a PK? Someone enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming it was a hand ball violation?

Anonymous said...

If the goalkeeper uses his hands to touch an intentional pass from a teammate’s foot that is an indirect kick to the opposing team. You can’t have any offensive free kick taken from inside the defensive team’s goal box. If the infraction occurred inside the goal box, the free kick is taken from the nearest point on the goal box boundary. The defenders are allowed to stand on the goal line in this situation.

A similar indirect free kick at the end of a game on the last day of the season helped to decide a Bundesligia title a few years ago.

TJX said...

Wow! What a finish.

Anonymous said...

Ah, interesting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

oh baggio!