March 31, 2008

Champions League is back!

With the next round of UCL games starting Tuesday, let's do some Champions League predictions -- quarterfinals style!

Schalke 04 v. Barcelona

The German squad has very much been my sleeper throughout this competition and that madness continues in this round.

I expect big things from Kevin Kuranyi and Asamoah (right) against a beleagued Barca backline. Heck, half the Primera side is injured it seems.

The boys from Catalan have kinda sucked recently too (one win in last seven games), and despite superior talent -- even after the injuries -- they will lose in the quarters.

With a 2-0 win in the first leg at home, and an away goal Schalke advances 3-2 aggregate.

AS Roma v. Manchester Utd.

Things got ugly the last time these two met. By ugly I mean crazy riots, oh yeah and seven goals in one game for the Red Devils.

Psychological devastation, I think so. And Totti might not even play.

I don't see the English side repeating that crazy onslaught of goals this year, but it will win comfortably. And hopefully those UEFA warnings will stop the violence. Yeah right.

Ronaldo (who is only 23 years old remember) nets at least two. Rooney and Tevez (above) combine for two more. Man U carries on 5-1 aggregate.

Arsenal v. Liverpool

Not a very sexy matchup, or really sexy if you're English, but it's hard to get excited for a match you see a few times a year.

We all know Liverpool perennially overachieves in the Champions League, but even with Torres I'm never enamored by the Reds talent.

Emmanuel Adebayor has really raised his game, so I think him and Cesc (above) will lead the Gunners on to the semifinals.

We will see some Gerrard and Torres magic, but consider Mr. Hleb the wildcard for me. The Londoners gets a couple away goals at Anfield and Arsenal wins 4-3.

Fenerbahce v. Chelsea

Simply put: Chelsea will advance, but not easily.

The Blues are all disjointed and messed up. The prototypical talent-laden team that can't get their acts together. The only injury the Londoners could have that would freak me out is to Petr Cech -- and he's iffy.

I think a couple shaky goals are let in -- two by Mateja Kezman -- and frustration is evident in both legs. More heat will be added to Avram Grant's seat.

In the end, the offensive talent of Drogba and Lampard (above, tee hee) is too much. They'll combine for all three scores. Chelsea moves past the Turks 3-1.

* * *

What do you think?

Adios Hugo Sanchez...

If Goff, Bueno/Canales and Ives say so, it must be true!

I guess El Tri will have somebody new for that friendly I'm going to in a couple weeks.

As long as the stars show up, I'm happy.

But for now, so long Hugo!

Oh yeah, he's an ESPN Deportes video on the news for you bilingual folk. I saw it over at Sideline Views.

F.C. Strategy... LINKS

Anyone ever play this game? Looks lame.
  • Americans hate soccer 'cause it's gay? Dude whoa. []

  • Man U the new Brazil? I kinda agree... [Reuters]

  • Capello grilled over match-fixing. [Daily Mail]

  • More well-thought Sounders insight. [Pitch Invasion]

  • Jozy's latest. MLS rumblings this time. [Goal!]

  • Toronto F.C. fans gone wild! [SbB]

  • What's up with Deuce? [FanHouse]

Malaysians like Semites when they play soccer $$$

The Muslim country is considering dropping its "No Israelis in the country under any circumstances" policy for a couple lucky dudes: Chelsea manager Avram Grant and defender Tal Ben Haim.

'Cause what self-respecting country wouldn't temporarily allow in some of the Chosen, when a world-famous team is threatening not to come?

Nevermind that they might be shot.

Well, at least we know where that FIA president can seek asyllum...

March 30, 2008

MLS weekend round-up

Let's take a look-see at what you might have missed this weekend, the opening weekend of the 13th Major League Soccer season.

Soccer haters, there were no 0-0 ties and 15 goals scored in the six games.

The average attendance was 15,349 -- with one game going over 20K.

Home teams went 4-0-2 and foreign-born players scored 11 goals.

Colorado Rapids 4, L.A. Galaxy 0

DENVER -- Yes, Colorado -- a team that lost 5-0 to a lower division team last year -- embarrassed David Beckham (right), Landon Donovan and Co. in the season opener Saturday.

No matter how much hype L.A. gets, know this: they might be the worst defensive team in the league and won't make the playoffs. They're bad.

Galaxy coach and players blamed the altitude. Lame.

It was cool to see my boy Ely Allen, a rookie from my alma mater Washington, get a start in his first game.

Attendance: 18,943.

New England 3, Houston 0

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In a rematch of the last two MLS Cups (both won by the Dynamo), the Revolution got the tiniest consolation in a quality season-opening win on Saturday.

Two goals came on rebounds.

Taylor Twellman (left), the poor guy that got divorced over the break and also saw his dreams of playing in England dashed by the league, was scratched with a knee injury.

New England is unbeaten against Houston in the last five regular season games (2-0-3), but lost both championship games. Losers.

Attendance: 11,116.

Kansas City 2, DC United 0

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The Wizards big offseason pickup paid off, as Argentine stalwart Claudio Lopez (right) scored in his debut on Saturday.

Lopez, who has played in the World Cup and has 10 career goals for Argentina, beat an offside trap and chipped in a shot from the top of the penalty box in the 61st minute to secure the win.

Four-time champs D.C. United, who also debuted a high-profile Argentine in Marcelo Gallardo, looked poor offensively, with only four shots.

Attendance: 10,385

Columbus 2, Toronto F.C. 0

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Some Scotsman named Adam Moffat scored the game-winner on a 24-yard blast in the 26th minute Saturday. He also cleared the ball off the line after a failed PK.

Said Moffat: "Anytime I score it's a surprise to myself, really."

Toronto F.C. fans -- regarded as the best in the league -- filled the south end of the stadium with red as they tried to invade Crew Stadium.

Attendance: 13,843

Real Salt Lake 1, Chicago 1

SALT LAKE CITY -- Cuautemoc Blanco (right) was the villian, a role he's used to, as he scored an amazing last-gasp equalizer for the visiting Fire on Saturday.

The Mexican international's shot from 20+ yards out was his team's only attempt on goal.

Real Salt Lake, which couldn't connect on 14 shots, scored one on the wrong end with an own goal 20 minutes earlier (ha!). The Utah team is 0-2-2 in season openers.

Attendance: 20,272! (Better than the average for 3 MLB teams last year, better than all but 4 NBA teams' average this year and better than all but one NHL team's average).

F.C. Dallas 1, Chivas U.S.A. 1

DALLAS -- Ex-Seattle Sounder and former Cuban defector Maykel Galindo scored an equalizer in the 84th minute to salvage a point for Chivas on Sunday.

Galindo, who exploded onto the MLS scene last year, came off the bench for the L.A. club and drilled a shot from 18 yards out.

Earlier, Juan Carlos Toja (left, with the awesome hair) scored the go-ahead goal in the 20th minute with a close-range shot.

Attendance: 17,540.

* * *

What were your thoughts on opening weekend?

French side protests over banner

Paedophiles, unemployed, inbred: welcome chez les Ch'tis

So read a banner directed at Lens by PSG fans unveiled at the beginning of the second half.

That's pretty harsh. Lens mayor Guy Delcourt thought so too, who said:
"I took the banner as an insult to all the people of northern France, to all the mineworkers who died for our country."
Delcourt is asking for the French League Cup final to be replayed.

I think it has nothing to do with the banner the fact Lens lost the game...

Separated at the bleach shop?

Food Network's Guy Fieri and Wizards 'keeper Kevin Hartman.

Yikes. Alan Smith, you're off the hook.

VIDEO: Back heel flick, through the legs...

...nothing but net. This kid's good.

March 29, 2008

MLS Opening Day!!!

I'll try to get excited for the MLS this season, I promise.

As long as the level of play improves, so will my coverage of the league.

But for now let's celebrate! Put on your funny hat and start using those noisemakers! It's party time!

Here's the MLS ad spot. Football. Futbol. Soccer. Epic.

VIDEO: Jose's new signing arrives!

I love this stuff. The Facebook poking bit, classic.

I saw this over at English Soccer Talk.

Arsenal grows a pair (EPL round-up)

Gunners fans had to like what they saw Saturday, with their team a man and two goals down to Bolton.

Gallas, Hleb, Van Persie and Cesc (above) all stepped up to get Arsenal the three goals they needed to keep hold of second place, winning 3-2.

People may see, eh, Arsenal and Chelsea are just fighting for second -- with Man. U way out front -- but second place in the Premiership gets automatic qualification to the Champions League, third does not.

So there.

* * *

Manchester United 4, Aston Villa 0. That Portuguese guy had a wonder goal and all three assists on the others.

Ronaldo opened the scoring with a heel-flick goal and now has like 870 goals this season. Good thing he's not playing in American or else Jose Canseco and other skeptics would cry "STEROIDS!"

* * *

Birmingham 3, Man. City 1 -- Zarate brace
Reading 0, Blackburn 0 -- Two Yank shutouts
Sunderland 2, West Ham 1 -- 90' winner
Derby 2, Fulham 2 -- Rams relegated
Portsmouth 2, Wigan 0 -- Defoe double

* * *

{commercial}As always, check out all the goal at 101 Great Goals. I know I do.{/commercial}

Everyone is going to Inter, they say

I've heard Ronaldinho is going to Inter.

Then Jose Mourinho was going there.

Now Drogba wants some of the Inter pie.

What's going on?!?!?

VIDEO: Snow soccer!

You see the Estonia v. Canada friendly? Me neither.

But it was played in the snow! Whoo! Take a look!

Good find Footy Mania.

March 28, 2008

Cute cartoon and LINKS

Toronto F.C. fans dominate. Expect an invasion of epic proportions. Seen over at MLSR.
  • Top 10 soccer swearing moments. I love Harry Redknapp, who has many Seattle connections. [Pies]

    10 important facts about soccer (warning: very pro-soccer). [MVN]

    Rooney the next puppet on "I'm on Setanta Sports." [EPL Talk]

    More fuel to Ronaldinho transfer fire. [ESPN]

Henry to Seattle MLS rumors!?!?!

And as the Frenchman stood there in the biting cold and frigid wind he asked himself, "Why am I considering playing in Seattle?"

* * *

A minuscule rumor out there has this one guy I don't know, for a publication/source I've never heard of say...
"I was told that the Seattle franchise is in advanced negotiations with Thierry Henry." Steve Cohen - World Soccer Daily 3/26/2008
Obviously it would be great for the MLS, Seattle and American soccer fans -- but I give it a 2% chance of happening.

Perhaps, Seattle's Frenchman Sebastien Le Toux has some dirt and/or connections with the Barca star.

Sources: MLS Rumors and FanHouse.

International friendly round-up

Quickfire style...

Denmark 1::1 Czech Rep.
Koller has a big head.

Egypt 0::2 Argentina -- Eh...

Sweden 0::1 Brazil
Duckboy likes chips.

Ukraine 2::0 Serbia -- A Shevchenko sighting.
Spain 1::0 Italy -- Wonder Villa volley.
Austria 3::4 Netherlands -- Holy goal-explosion Batman!
S. Africa 3::0 Paraguay -- W.C. hosts looking mighty fine.
Israel 1::0 Chile -- Benayoon slips as he scores free-kick goal, ha!
Portugal 1::2 Greece -- Wonder free-kicks has a Greek root.
Swiss cheese 0::4 Germany -- Boom goes the German dynamite.
Ghana 1::2 Mexico -- Essien cant overcome awful gaffs.
France 1::0 England -- Becks 100th cap, Anelka stole the show.

Go watch the excitement at 101 Great Goals.

U.S. dominates Poland

Poland didn't come into the friendly with the U.S. as a bad team, 24th in the world actually.

Now, after a 3-0 loss to the Yanks, it's safe to say there will be plenty a Polish joke in Europe.

Any team that makes our guys look like world class superstars is on its way down. The three best American fowards (Donovan, Bradley and Dempsey) are midfielders!

For what it's worth, the new U.S. jerseys look like something inspired by UPS. What can gray do for you?

Anyways, watch the highlights:

March 26, 2008

Good LINKS, better pic

Nice find by Brooks in catching a couple tennis superstars in a footie break.

VIDEO: The Honduras goal

In case you hadn't seen the beautiful Honduras winner in its 1-0 win over the young U.S. team, here ya go.

Thanks Pies.

Benedict Arnold Rossi scores twice for Italy

Giuseppi Rossi scored both goals in a recent 2-0 win for the U-21 Italian side.

(Shakes fist)

For those who don't know, Rossi was born in New Jersey, has U.S. citizenship and could've been the Messiah for American soccer.

(Shakes fist)

March 25, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Vote for MLS Seattle's name!

Yeah... yeah... I know it's not new, but it's supposed to be.

I say vote Seattle F.C. and make the unofficial nickname the Sounders. Chivas-style if you know what I mean.

People want awesome names, but I never hear any awesome alternatives (e.g. the Seattle Overcast, love it).

Go to and go vote. If you're feeling rebellious, put Sounders in the write-in vote.

In other Seattle soccer news, the MLS team stole a Seahawks front office. That can only mean good things for the footie boys.

Gary Wright served the Seahawks for 32 years, including the last 21 as a vice president. He'll be the Senior Vice President of Business Operations for the MLS team.
"Having an opportunity to experience soccer in Europe absolutely hooked me on the sport," said Wright. "We already know there are great fans of the game here in Seattle and now our job is to bring the fans, the players, coaches, and entire organization together as one to replicate what is so passionate around the world."
Good stuff.

Great cartoon find

Get it? Arsenal 1, DFrogba 2!

Big props to The Offside Rules here. I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff.

March 24, 2008

VIDEO: Jose's back!

Here's the latest from the special one -- the puppet version.

I saw this over at EPL Talk, who also found the man behind the genius of the skit. Go take a look, they've got some other videos and info.

Freddy's new lady friend

I saw this picture over at the D.C. Sports Bog. Not the life of a typical 18 year old, huh? Good times.

* * *

Some guy at ESPN is critical of Cuban defectors. Lame.

Hirshey lauds Chelsea's average coach?

Could Michael Bradley be the solution at forward for the USMNT?

Take a look at some impassioned Aussie fans.

VIDEO: Carey hocks Galaxy gear on TPIR

Soccer's never been so much fun? Go Galaxy???

Where's the Seattle FC/Seattle Alliance/Seattle Republic/Sounders gear?


Thanks to The Offside Rules for the find.

Coach thinks Ashley Cole is role model -- I disagree

Not long ago, this soccer player over in England named Ashley Cole acted like a petulant child after getting a yellow card.

He stomped his feet on the field. Whined. Even turned his back to the official and refused to resume play for a bit.

Needless to say, he's not the most popular guy in the Premiership. But he did try to make amends in the press, offering an apology for his actions. Afterwards Chelsea coach Avram Grant said Cole's apology essentially makes him a good role model for young English kids, for taking responsibility for one's actions.

Let's try this. I'll present some info, you decide afterwards if this guy's someone kids should look up to:
  • The initial foul that caused all this drama, was Cole trying to ram his cleats into an opponent's leg with a dirty studs-up tackle.

  • Not only that. Only days before, a guy in the Premiership had his leg snapped in two by a similar tackle. Not the best timing.

  • Hate soccer players that dive? He does that too.

  • While playing for Arsenal, he illegally negotiated a transfer with London rival Chelsea midseason.

  • His autobiography, "My Defence," sounds like it was named by O.J.

  • He not only cheats on his wife. But cheats on a woman that looks like this (right).

  • Some have questioned his sexuality, but that's lame. I'll just point of his name is Ashley. As in Ashley Olsen and Ashley Judd -- each which could probably kick his ass.

  • His A-Rod/K-Fed name is A-Cole. Say it again. Hehe.

  • People dislike him so, they made a video of hate.

  • He's a distant cousin of Mariah Carey.

  • This picture.
Okay, the last couple are a bit of a stretch. But you get the idea. With baggage like that, you think he's really a good role-model for the young lads?

Maybe one notch ahead of Pac Man Jones...

Mmmm, soccer candy LINKS

This site, which hasn't been updated since November 2007, gets a link for having the coolest and most delicious title ever.

The 20th reason hasn't worked. 19 new ways to try to make soccer work in the U.S. (Warning adult content). [On 205th]

German team avoid cross on new jerseys. [Reuters Soccer Blog]

CHI shares some yellow/red cards stories. [Center Holds It]

Ives blogs the U23 title game. Oh yeah. That. [SBI]

Keegan has a man crush on Michael Owen, wants him forever. [Telegraph]

Beckham. Pele. Spotlight. Charity. [TIAS]

In case you forgot an MLS move or two. [WV Hooligan]

Russian Premier League. Whoo! [Bill's Sports Maps]

U.S. roster for Poland friendly

A lotta familiar names. Nothing to exciting, then again, how exciting can it be?

Goalkeepers (2): Marcus Hahnemann (Reading FC), Tim Howard (Everton FC)

Defenders (7): Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham FC), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jay DeMerit (Watford FC), Cory Gibbs (Charlton Athletic), Oguchi Onyewu (Standard de Liege), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock), Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)

Midfielders (5): Michael Bradley (SC Heerenveen), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo), Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy), Benny Feilhaber (Derby County), Eddie Lewis (Derby County)

Forwards (4): Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Clint Dempsey (Fulham FC), Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC), Josh Wolff (1860 Munich)

March 23, 2008

Mascherano out, Man U good, Drogba's back!

Word on the street is, this wasn't gonna be a good weekend to mess with the refs.

After that one guy let Cashley Cole (I'm not sure why everyones call him Cashley, but go with the flow) off easy, a message was going to be made.

Liverpool's Javier Mascherano (above, center) found that out the hard way in a quick dismissal in a Sunday game against United.

Anyways, the Red Devils dominated the short-handed Reds 3-0 -- Ronaldo scored his 34th -- and extended their Premiership lead. Surprised? Me neither.

In a big match -- to determine second-place, I guess -- we had a Didier Drogba (right) sighting! The forward scored both Chelsea goals in a 2-1 win over Arsenal.

Remember when Arsenal was kicking all sort of English ass? That was a while ago.

Go watch all the goals here.

FYI, the top of the table looks something like this:

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Arsenal
4. Liverpool
5. Everton

VIDEO: Dog saves City fan from hooligans

It's just a commercial, don't get too excited. An old Lycos commercial, just for kicks.

Remember Lycos? I wonder what happened to them...

Jozy Altidore knows how to party

Mind you, this kid is 18. But obviously (right), he doesn't want you to know.

Check out some of the stuff he wrote in this blog entry.
We have a day off today and I’m just relaxing. Of course we all went out after the game Thursday night and had a good time, had some fun.
Here's what I heard. "I'm trying to get over this damn hangover. We had an absolutely crunk night. Being on a U-23 team makes lying about my age much easier. Oh yeah, and can you say 'Make it rain!'?
I guess that’s just how it is in America because people always demand excellence and we know that we can’t please everyone and just have to go out and play for each other.
Read: "We know we will never be able to live up to soccer expectations in this country. That's why we party hard."

Of all the action he's got coming up, this is what the youngster said.
It’s an orgy of riches.
No translation necessary.

March 21, 2008

Very inappropriate LINKS

Well only this first link is inappropriate.

Some teacher/coach from Longview, Wash. (I actually have some family down there) had not-cool relations with a 15 year old. [Unprofessional Foul]

Beckham can buy the Galaxy at contracts end. Beckham can buy anything he wants. [The Offside Rules, with some cool videos to boot]

There's at American girl on a Brazilian national team, cool. [ESPN]

The kinda-not-really streaker speaks! [Hillcrest Road]

A big round-up, including Everton signing a 7 year old. [Deuce]

Rafa says Fergie tampers with refs prematch. [Guardian]

VIDEO: Adu double leads US U-23s over Canada, 3-0

He's good.

March 20, 2008

Vote on MLS Seattle's club name!

I saw this post over at MLS Rumors and received a press release from the team today, which says indeed the Seattle fans will be choosing the name of the new MLS franchise.

The voting happens at MLS in Seattle website, and the polls open next Thursday, the 27th at 12:01 a.m. and close the following Monday at 11:59 p.m.

(If you go to the website, the older guy in the picture is Nathan Hale soccer coach Mike Ryan -- a northwest soccer legend that I did a story on last fall for The Seattle Times. Go read it, if you haven't)

MLS Rumors -- through some crafty research with trademarks -- says the three options will be Seattle FC, Seattle Republic and Seattle Alliance.

Some people around the blogosphere have speculated there would be more options, but it will be three.

The press release says "The three naming options will be announced Tuesday, March 25, and were chosen through fan focus groups, internal committees and fan suggestions, but will not include Sounders."

Obviously, the Sounders name has a special connection with the Pacific Northwest, but I agree with the idea of a new name. This should be a completely separate franchise from the history and legacy of team's past.

The release addressed this also:
“I have great respect for the Sounders and the club’s history,” said MLS Commissioner Don Garber. “While we should celebrate the past, we believe the MLS Seattle team should be about where we are headed tomorrow and help position the club globally.”
Here's another hint given in the press release. Which also supports the information given by MLS Rumors.
“The names which will be announced next Tuesday include one traditional soccer name, while the other two are representative of the inclusive relationship we want to build with our fans with an emphasis on democracy in sports,” said Vulcan Sports & Entertainment President Tod Leiweke. “The final vote rests with our fans.”
The winning name will be revealed on the website on Monday, April 7, at 11 a.m. -- though I have a feeling MLS Rumors will have it earlier.

Some independent company will do the counting of the votes.

Here's one last quote from the release:
“We are confident one of the three choices will resonate with our fans throughout the Northwest,” said general manager Adrian Hanauer. “We spent a great deal of time analyzing and debating possible names. Now it is up to the fans.”
I hope this was informative. Just doing my part.

Bored? Want to play a game?

If these guys looks familiar to you in any way, go here and have some fun.

They got some old school bobbleheads you can try to identify. I can only get a couple. I'm not very adept with the vintage English soccer stars.

But I'm sure some of you can do very well!

VIDEO: You think they'd learn

Another brutal tackle. The culprit, Chelsea's Ashley Cole, got away with a yellow card despite malicious intent.

Fortunately, he didn't his weight behind it or we could've seen another snapped leg.

Cole is probably just frustrated he doesn't get to see Cheryl every night anymore.

Thanks to 101 Great Goals for the video.

He's back...! But will he play?

David Beckham has been recalled to the English national team for a friendly against France.

If he steps on the pitch, it'll be his 100th international appearance for the Three Lions -- which, if you didn't know, if kind of a big deal.

I say he comes in at the 75 minute mark.

VIDEO: Ronaldo vs. bull

Thanks go to the Pies again.

Ronaldo is too damn good

It's getting to the point where we have to say he's more than just the best in the world.

He might be the best in the generation.

He might be the best ever when all is said and done.

It's just March and he has already eclipsed the 40-year-old record for goals in a season. He now has 33 goals in 35 starts in all competitions (!), one more than George Best's 32 in the 1960s.

He could get up to 50. This record might be untouchable -- to anyone other than him -- as long as we live.

They don't have enough superlatives to describe it.

* * *

Oh yeah, there was another mildly entertaining game in the EPL. Tottenham's Robbie Keane nets a magical equalizer in a 4-4 draw with Chelsea.

Check out all the highlights at 101 Great Goals.

What do Anelka, Ronaldo and Gerrard have in common?


They all drive the Bentley Continental GT.

Going price? £117,500-£137,500 (about $250K).

But the Bentley is only the third most popular drive in the Premiership. The top ride in England's top soccer league, according to this top 10 list by Telegraph, is the Range Rover Sport 4.4 V8 HSE (right) -- which is driven by 21 players.

Admit it, you were expecting Escalade...

The crazy -- and sad -- part about this list is the names that show up multiple times. Chelsea's John Terry, which as we read before likes to park in handicap spots, owns one of the Range Rovers, a BMW X5 4.81SE and a Porsche 911 Turbo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also a Red Devil behind the wheel: he's got one of the afore mentioned BMWs, Bentleys, Porsches and a BMW 6 Series V8 3 litre -- for every third Tuesday I presume.

My favorite one on the list (and Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard agree) is the Aston Martin DB9 5.9 litres (right) -- value $225K. I'm just a couple months' payments away from owning mine in full.

That's just from blogging wages mind you.

As this side story wrote, none of these vehicles appear to be environmentally friendly.


Some news and notes

I guess a second MLS team has advanced to the semis of the Champions Cup.

I won't lie, I don't know what that competition is, but like you MLS nuts, I'm glad to see the hometown boys succeed.

One other note, did you hear about the guy who said if he scores against Real Madrid again he can "go a year without sex"? His coach heartily disagreed.

Speaking of fool hearty decisions, how about these horror hairs?

Change of subject, the police raided the office of Birmingham City to crackdown on football corruption. Yikes, chalk that down as something that would never happen in the U.S. soccer scene.

VIDEO: Mexican soccer gone crazy

This violent little snippet is pretty entertaining. Thanks Pies.

John Terry refuses to park in a regular spot

No, he prefers the handicapped parking spot. With his fancy little car and fancy little polo and fancy little British pop-star hair-do.


March 19, 2008

VIDEO: New Pepsi ad

They're always a treat.

By the time I wake up this video will probably be unavailable, but if I provided its refreshing images to just one reader, it was worth it.

I think This is Extra Time gets the credit for this one.

Random ESPN tidbits

These might be worthwhile, probably not.

Read 'em if you're intrigued.
  • Some guys getting groin surgery. Made me chuckle and cringe. Tee hee.

  • This poster (right) isn't from ESPN, but is kinda funny and sad at the same time. Seen over here.

  • Ronaldinho is missing time due to an injury, or non-injury. I can't tell.

  • Barca might be coming to the U.S. Also not from ESPN.

  • The World Cup is chargin' South Africa 3.7 billion bones.

VIDEO: This Jose on Setanta sports in getting ridiculous

Seen over at Who Ate All the Pies?

Hleb sleeping with the enemy?

Well, not exactly sleeping.

The British news provider calls it "tapping."

In short, Arsenal's 26-year-old Belarusian midfielder allegedly snuck out of the team's hotel to talk transfer and eat ice cream with Inter Milan officials.

Oooo, shady...

March 18, 2008

VIDEO: Beware flying soccer balls!

My favorite part is the keeper face-saves...

A Zidane sighting!

Here he is in Brazil during a South America trip. I miss this guy.

Saw this over at Daily Mail.