August 31, 2009

Wenger puts on a show at OT (EPL roundup)

Perhaps the biggest game of the short Premiership season took place last weekend as Arsenal traveled to Old Trafford, ending in a 2-1 win for the Red Devils.

Surprisingly, it wasn't the result that people were talking about afterward. No it was the craziness at the end, when Gunners coach Arsene Wenger was banished to the stands after pouting over a RVP disallowed goal.

And we get a hilarious GIF to savor the moment. Oh, and Wenger will get an apology for the treatment.

Chelsea, Tottenham and City remain perfect. Everton finally got a win. Liverpool escaped with three points somehow. Portsmouth still in the cellar.

Chelsea 3-0 Burnley (A: 40,906)
Tottenham 2-1 Birmingham (A: 35,318)
Blackburn 0-0 West Ham (A: 23,421)
Bolton 2-3 Liverpool (A: 23,284)
Stoke City 1-0 Sunderland (A: 27,091)
Wolves 1-1 Hull City (A: 27,906)
Manchester Utd 2-1 Arsenal (A: 75,095)

Portsmouth 0-1 Manchester City (A: 17,826)
Everton 2-1 Wigan (A: 35,122)
Aston Villa 2-0 Fulham (A: 32,917)

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