September 21, 2009

Coffee table LINKS

My computer is on a coffee table right now.

It could be on this coffee table.

Let's get to the links:
  • Thierry Henry slams classless Adebayor. [ExtraFootie]
  • Rich Albanian to buy AC Milan? [ESPN]
  • Philly Stadium having issues. [Philly Daily News]
  • You swear, you get banned. [The Spoiler]
  • Roma coach calls Totti predictable. [Reuters]
  • Ex-Marseilles coach going to jail? [SkyNews]
  • Brazilian Ronaldo returns to action. [SI]
  • Milan to play UCL music in locker room. [Yahoo!]
  • Audi to buy some of Bayern Munich. [AFP]
  • New world's top 25. [Soccer Source]
  • Video: Steve Nash trains with Whitecaps. [TOR]
  • Video: That's a slip for the ages. [101GG]
  • John Terry wants to manage someday. [TribalFootball]

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