September 2, 2009

Eduardo banned for diving

This is the best way to rid the game of cheating. Banning the damn fools that dive. Eduardo will miss the Gunners first two Champions League group-stage games.

Maybe he should get fined too. Or fine Arsenal too for defending their cheat.

It was so clear and obvious, there should be no debate.


Anonymous said...

I value your opinion about diving and cheating. I'll keep a close eye on all of the other diving examples that you'll post here and give your clear judgment on it. I see none from last week yet there's been more than fair share of such cases. Hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

It's fine to ban cheats, but I still don't think they can prove 100% it was a dive. It looks like he got touched.

Wayne Rooney should be banned for his dive against Arsenal last weekend then. He was dragging his feet and going to ground well before Almunia had any contact with him.

They just need to be consistent with this and review everything and treat everyone the same.

Anonymous said...

i think your comments on this matter are rather silly and demonstrate a lack of understanding of both the rules of the sport and the playing of football.

firstly it is reasonable to assume that a player might go over in anticipation of impact, rather than from the force of the impact. a perfect example of this is the rooney penalty against arsenal at the weekend. there was contact and it was therefore a penalty, when watched in slow motion we see rooney started to fal before any contact is made. he didn't necessarily dive, but his body compensating for his fall before the impact is made. eduardo essentially did the same thing, but the keeper pulled his arm away before he made contact, eduardo didn't even appeal for a foul.

secondly, after eduardo's horrific injury last year, in which his leg was broken into a compound fracture, i'd suggested that that this is what happened. rather than be a malicious dive he could just be scared of people potentially crashing into him?

finally, the referee stood by his decision. this means that UEFA are not only punishing Eduardo, but overruling a referee who has seen the replays. this has and never should be, allowed in the sport. it is also contradicts their own regulations.

with this in mind, to suggest arsenal should be fined, is ludicrous.