September 4, 2009

Rooney defends his own honor

Divers are the newest witches. And people are, rightfully, ready to burn them at the stake as cheats.

One potential culprit, United's Wayne Rooney, is denying any indiscretion.
"Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player,'' he said. "I play the game as honestly as I can. If the referee gives a penalty there is nothing you can do. It is a penalty. If they want to take punishment further it is down to UEFA and the people who run the game. As players you just want to play.
We'll see man. We've got our eyes on you. Though the picture supports his case.


trt said...

this picture may be deceiving.
Rooney kicked the ball hard anywhere near the goal just to get it further from Almunia and then he started to fall down before Almunia touched him (like on the picture) - he could've easily avoid contact. If he didn't intentionally fall down like he did, he would've got to the ball, there was no chance to do it.

trt said...

nowhere near*

trt said...

he wouldn't have* :P

sorry for mistakes