January 12, 2010

All eyes on Africa

Two dudes were arrested in connection with the machine-gun attack that marred the African Cup of Nations before it started.

Instead of people talking about how great the tournament is -- which included an epic Mali comeback to tie Angola 4-4 after being four goals down -- the focus is on Togo being DQ'd for leaving.

But alas, it's all about security. And fair questions are being asked about the continent's preparedness for an even bigger tournament farther south.

The World Cup.

Certainly the questions will have to be answered this summer, but fears will only grow until it's over. It definitely played a part in my wanting to attend the event.

Cross your fingers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please, Don't be an ignorant fool like all the others. Africa is a huge continent, three times the size of US. Nobody ever questioned about the safety of the 2006 tournament in Germany when there was war going on in Kosovo (Same continent). This is a separate incident and there is no connection between the tragic event in Angola's Cabinda region and South africa, The distance between the two countries is more than 1400 miles...for God sake don't play this damn game when it comes to Africa. I assume you are an educated young man who can analyse things in a very educated manner.