January 29, 2010

Iniesta's goal was a baby maker

Which goal, you ask? A pretty big one that happened nine months ago.

The one that secured Barcelona's place in the Champions League final.

Well, apparently that goal (coupled with a 6-2 win over Real Madrid that week) set off a night of passion in Catalonia. And nine months later, there's a shortage of hospital beds in the area for expecting mothers.
A survey by COMRadio showed that births this week and those expected next week are 45 percent higher than the average.

“When we notice some sort of surge we look for the reason and it’s evident that the cause of the increase this week is the euphoria of Barca fans thanks to the huge win and Iniesta’s goal,” El Mundo newspaper quoted Mercedes Rodriguez of the city’s Quiron Clinic as saying.

The babies are popularly known in Barcelona as “the Iniesta generation”.
Wow. That's a heckuva honor.

I wonder how many babies will be named Andres.


Asander4@mix.wvu.edu said...

I remember this goal nine months ago and what a goal it was. Truly: "A baby maker." The way the ball hit off the outside of his boot and flew into the upper 90 of the net was incredible and what a time to get a goal nearing the 90th minute of the game. However, I think it is quite crazy that this goal followed by Barca's triump in Rome last season winning the Champions League caused babies to be born known as the "Iniesta Generation." What a crazy story and a wondeful goal by a fantastic footballer.

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