January 22, 2010

VIDEO: Italian TV host touches Golden's balls

Apparently in Italy, sexual assault in the sake of humor is OK.

TV host/journalist/lady Elena Di Cioccio thought it'd be cute to grab David Beckham in the man region during an interview. Then she flipped out and started screaming stuff like:
  • "E piccolo, Beckham!" (Beckham is small)

  • "You've taken us for a ride! How could you? David!"
  • The station has since apologized, but Beckham's camp took it in stride.

    According to the report: Beckham's spokesman Simon Oliveira says he has "no issue with it. It did surprise him at the time, but David saw it for what it was -- harmless fun."

    I think that might be the wrong message to send crazy Italian TV host ladies.


    Anonymous said...

    She is sick as f**k! That's just wrong!

    torrit said...

    and yet you call america "the land of freedom" :P

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